Top Reasons to Stay With The Same Carrier

If you are worried a bit about your insurance rates, you surely have seen all sorts of commercials and ads telling you to switch carriers.  Almost all companies tell you that switching to them will be the best thing ever and you will surely save money with them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and before making the move, it would be best to compare insurance quotes and check not only the prices, but also extra services and other perks you may acquire from a carrier.  Sometimes it is better to resist the temptation. Find out the top reasons to stay with the same carrier.

  1. You can get renewal discounts. You clearly won’t get this bonus if you switch carriers. Upon renewal, you provider can decide to lower the prices a bit, with 1%-5%, depending on carrier. This is just another token of gratitude for being loyal. You should check if your carrier has this offer and after how much time will become available.
  2. Really good bundling options. It is pretty common for people to bundle some policies with the same carrier. For example, homeowners and auto is the most usual combo. Check if the current carrier offers a really competitive rate for both policies,  by comparing prices.  Do not switch carriers if the rate for both policies is not that good, or does not allow you to bundle policies at all.  Otherwise you may get a cheaper auto insurance policy, but a more expensive homeowners policy.  And since homeowners is more expensive, you may actually lose money.
  3. Accident forgiveness plans. Not all companies offer accident forgiveness plans and even if they do it, it is hard to access it. You must have a claim-free history of several years with the company. It may require 5-6 years until you may redeem this perk.

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