Best Car Insurance Policies For Senior Drivers

Your car insurance rates will start gradually increase after you turn 65.  This means that you have to focus more on getting the best car insurance policies for senior drivers. Luckily, there are some methods to keep costs under control.  Shopping around and getting at least one online insurance auto quote from any major carrier is just one of the many things you can do.

SeniorDriver-6Keep in mind that as a senior driver, you have one major advantage: experience.  And because of that, in many states, car insurance companies must offer discounts to seniors. In some states you automatically get a discount just for turning age 65. In other states, though, you have to graduate an approved defensive driving class to earn the discount. Some classes are offered in person, but most of them are offered online through groups like AAA and AARP. Check with your state insurance department to see which ones are approved for getting this discount.  You will have to pay around $20 for the class, but you will save a lot of money after getting the discount.

Apply for low mileage discounts.  If you recently retired, then let your insurer know about this. Your premium should go down if you no longer commute daily to a job.

You might also consider a applying for a usage-based insurance program. These policies customize premiums based on how much and how well you drive. In order to get approved for this plan, you must plug a device into your car’s diagnostic port and it records when and how much you drive, as well as sudden changes in speed. You save money for low mileage and driving during the safest hours.  Usage based insurance programs are recommended for seniors with enough experience and good records.

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