When to File an Auto Insurance Claim

If your car gets into an accident or other events which cause damage, you should immediately contact the insurer and report the situation. Making a claim or not is up to you.  Recent studies show that many drivers prefer to handle minor accidents on their own and not make a claim. No matter what decision you take, you should always inform the insurer.  Read our blog to find out when to file an auto insurance claim. And if you want more info and get a free car insurance quote, you should check our website.

Affordable Auto Insurance QuoteYou should immediately file an auto insurance claim when you are involved in an accident and the car has sustained heavy damage. Even if you are the one who caused the accident, you will need the insurer’s help to settle the claims. Not involving your insurer is a very risky maneuver and you may end up sued by the other party and be penalized with huge amounts of money. Plus, the insurer will be notified and you risk further penalties. Besides being charged more, it is always the risk of being dropped.  Liability coverage also handles legal defense and the company will send an experienced lawyer to work with you.

Always make a claim when your car is stolen. If you have comprehensive coverage, you will also be reimbursed for the car’s current market value. But what’s more important, the company will be notified about the theft. In this way, if the thief commits an accident using your stolen car, you will avoid paying for reimbursements.

When you have minor accidents, you should also notify the company. We are not talking about minor scratches, but about bumps and rear-collision.  The caused damage may be more serious than it looks and you can end up paying thousands of dollars. Not notifying the company in a reasonable amount of time can deny you any further claims.

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